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March 9, 2023

The Village of Bowerston, Ohio is pursuing funding for a wastewater system improvement project. The project will make improvements to the wastewater treatment plant, lift station 1, and replace/rehabilitate collection system lines. The wastewater treatment plant is old and has deteriorating components. The village desires to be proactive and replace these system components before they fail.

Much of the sanitary sewer collection system needs to be replaced or rehabilitated. At times during wet weather events these lines overflow onto private property, ditches, and streams. This results in untreated sewage being discharged in a manner that is not in accordance with Ohio EPA requirements. The village is working to complete design for the improvements.

 Project information will be posted at locations throughout the village and on the village web page. This will be discussed at the upcoming village council meeting.

Preliminary cost for the project is estimated to be $4,650,000. E.L. Robinson Engineering is assisting the village in designing the improvements.  


Paula Beamer,

Council President, 330-284-1160

Bob Allen, Infrastructure Project Manager

E.L. Robinson Engineering

  1. 740.989.3034
  2. 740.516.9394


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Press Release

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