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Press Release Water Treatment


Press Release

For Immediate Release and Publication

March 9, 2023


The Village of Bowerston, Ohio is pursuing funding for a new Water Treatment Plant and Raw Water System Improvements project. The project will construct a new water treatment plant out of the flood plain and make improvements to the raw water system The water treatment plant is old and is located in the flood plain. In February 2022 flood waters entered the plant. Ohio EPA wants the plant to be located out of the flood plain. .


The water wells need to be rehabilitated. Raw water and finished water lines must be constructed between the new water treatment plant and the wells.  


 Project information will be posted at locations throughout the village and on the village web page. This will be discussed at the upcoming village council meeting.


Preliminary cost for the project is estimated to be $6,449,500. E.L. Robinson Engineering is assisting the village in designing the improvements.  




Paula Beamer

Council President, 330-284-1160




Bob Allen, Infrastructure Project Manager

E.L. Robinson Engineering


  1. 740.989.3034
  2. 740.516.9394